Stainless Steel Load Cell

Amplify your lift system’s performance

The Lifting Solutions stainless steel load cell adapter uses a 2.4 GHz wireless digital communication protocol to generate a transmission wirelessly, allowing you to convert a cabled load cell to a wireless load cell. The transmitting module employs a solar panel to generate power and stores it in a lithium battery. The receiving module output generates a standard 0-10 mV signal for real-time load value through a standard RS232 signal.


  • Minimal wiring required
  • Reduces alarms and shutdowns due to cable failure
  • Third-party tested for harsh environments, including harsh winter conditions
  • Installs on your existing load cell

How our wireless load cell works

  • Fully solar powered load cell
  • Receiver wired to existing POC
  • Wireless digital communication
  • Standard 0–10 mV signal
  • Optional 4–20 mA signal available at time of order
  • 12-in. cable

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