Middle East

Lifting Solutions understands the importance of combining quality people, processes, and technology with the right raw material partners to deliver products that outperform the market. That is why we have a 40,000 sq. ft. Endless Rod manufacturing facility in Salalah, Oman with a design output of 6.5 million feet per year.

From the Salalah facility, Lifting Solutions is able to deliver products to the Middle East, India, and Eastern Europe in a timely fashion, while maintaining the same standard of quality our clients expect.


Our Endless Rod manufacturing facility is in Raysut Industrial Estate (Madayn), Salalah, Dhofar (Sultanate of Oman).

Leveraging our deep well application experience manufacturing Endless Rod in North America we have replicated our proven, rigorous process control and traceability program to the Oman facility. This digital information storage allows all material and manufacturing information to be automatically tracked and stored by individual travel documents.

Quality and Inspections

Our Oman facility conforms to the relevant elements of API 11B, as well as the Lifting Solutions standards, and meets ISO 9001:2015.

First article inspections, including visual, dimensional, thread, tensile, hardness, and micro-structure are conducted as part of our processes. We also have a full metallurgical laboratory to support manufacturing, rod inspection or failure analysis, auditing, competency, and certification programs.

It is imperative that our knowledge, processes, and systems are aligned with both Oman and North America to deliver the performance our clients rely on. Our success stems from our people, having artificial lift manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics specialists on site is one reason our products continue to outperform.


Our Oman field operation inspections on previously used rod strings, help to identify rod strings to be reused which lowers OPEX and a company’s carbon footprint. Performing rigorous inspections on used continuous rod strings provides the data to know what application the inspected rod string can be installed in. The Lifting Solutions used rod inspection and welding services to deliver the highest level of support to turn data into information for our clients; reduce non-productive time, and optimize the reuse of continuous rod products.

LS Oman colleague in LS Yard


Lifting Solutions and Oman International Petroleum and Energy Service (OHI) partnered in 2021 to capitalize on our unique strengths to deliver Lifting Solutions Endless Rod products to the Middle East and beyond.

With a dedicated team from both Lifting Solutions and OHI, the Oman facility can deliver over 6.5 million feet of Endless Rod.

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