PivotAL Progressing Cavity Pump

Extend run life between costly replacements. The PivotAL PCP gives your pump system a second life, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing expensive tubing pulls.

Product Overview

The PivotAL Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) is designed with an extended stator and custom-milled rotor featuring alternating active and inactive sections every 12 inches. This design is strategically aimed at minimizing the workover frequency of wells experiencing diminished runtimes attributed to elastomer wear and fatigue. The PivotAL PCP achieves this goal by restoring pump efficiency through a 12-inch rod lift, thereby repositioning the rotor into the unused section of the stator.


Difficult applications can cause elastomer damage and failures, including issues like burnt, chunked, fluid-washed, and worn elastomers. These problems lead to frequent and costly replacements and workovers.


The PivotAL PCP has been strategically designed to prevent early workovers caused by elastomer failure in low inflow, gassy, sandy, and abrasive conditions.

When using the PivotAL PCP, pump efficiency can be restored without requiring a service rig. This is achieved by performing a 12-inch rotor lift using a flushby or the Lifting Solutions' Endless Rod Unit (ERU). Doing so repositions the active section of the rotor (where the interference fit occurs) into the previously unused section of the stator.

Demonstrated Performance

At Lifting Solutions, we are committed to continuously evaluating and optimizing the performance of our products to ensure unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Explore our project success stories below to gain valuable insights into how our PivotAL PCP has consistently outperformed expectations, delivering superior results in various applications. Discover firsthand accounts of increased productivity, cost savings, and operational excellence as we demonstrate the proven success of our innovative artificial lift solutions.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Rigless pump restoration allows the wellsite operator to restore production efficiency and extend pump run life between pump replacements and tubing pulls.
  • 12 inches of rotor spacing enables the operator to reposition the rotor and stator fit as wear occurs, limiting the acceleration of fluid washing and extending the life of the pump.
  • In cases where a rotor adjustment is not feasible, a conventional rotor replacement can be performed to restore pump efficiency.
  • A successful rotor lift will restore the operating efficiency of the pump and result in significant savings for the operator by extending the pump run life.

*PivotAL is a registered trademark. Patent No.: US 11,499,549 B2. Canadian patent pending.

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