PivotAL Progressing Cavity Pumps

Extend Run Life Between Costly Replacements. The PivotAL PCP gives your pump system a second life and significantly extends run life between costly replacements.

Product Overview

The PivotAL PCP rotor has alternating 12” long sections of varying profile dimensions that supplement the conventional rotor’s continuous interference fit with clearance sections. These clearance sections result in the associated stator sections not experiencing damage during normal operation thus allowing subsequent rotor repositioning of an interference section into these areas to restore pump performance.


When well conditions produce burnt, chunked, fluid-washed, or worn stator failure modes, there is significant damage to the stator sections that require costly well intervention and replacement of the stator.


The PivotAL has proven performance to combat this challenge in low inflow, gassy, sandy, and abrasive conditions.

With the PivotAL PCP, the alternating rotor dimensional sections allow for clearance. When the interference pumping sections start to wear or suffer other damage, the pump can be quickly restored by lifting the rotor up 12” above the original installed position using a flushby or the Lifting Solutions Endless Rod Unit (ERU). This moves the interference fit sections of the rotor out of the damaged sections of the stator and into the undamaged sections restoring performance.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Rigless pump restoration allows the wellsite operator to restart production quickly and extend pump run life between pump replacements and tubing pulls.
  • Up to 12 inches of rotor spacing enables the operator to reseal the pump as wear occurs, limiting the acceleration of fluid washing and extending the life of the pump.
  • In cases where a rotor adjustment is not feasible, a low-cost rotor replacement can be performed to restore pump efficiency.
  • A successful rotor lift will restore the operating efficiency of the pump and result in significant savings for the operator by extending the pump run life.

*PivotAL is a registered trademark. Patent No.: US 11,499,549 B2. Canadian patent pending.

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