Full-Scale Product Testing

Lifting Solutions has a full materials lab where our dedicated research and development team completes extensive specialized artificial lift testing. We also have internal, full-scale extended duration testing capabilities that enable Lifting Solutions to explore new technological advancements.

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Lifting Solutions’ core products, the Progressing Cavity Pump and Endless Rod, are deployed downhole in client wells where poor performance and/or premature failures can be costly. This typically results in a cautious approach in terms of change management which conflicts with the more aggressive nature of innovative new product development.

Product Testing

In developing its products and associated application procedures, Lifting Solutions mitigates deployment risk by conducting extensive full-scale product validation testing. This testing is done to a variety of internally developed testing protocols and, where applicable, to industry standards such as ISO 15136-1 for PC Pumps and API 11B for Endless Rod.

Additionally, Lifting Solutions carries out a variety of other specialized product testing programs to support increasing its understanding of product performance and aiding the in development of application and operational guidelines. Many of these specialized test programs are initiated based on client discussions and are in direct response to investigating various problems and opportunities in their operations.

Full-scale product testing is conducted internally using a variety of specialized equipment located at our modern, Manufacturing Facility. This equipment is custom designed and built to meet specific testing requirements with several items having capabilities that exist nowhere else in the world.

New equipment and associated testing programs are developed to meet ongoing research and development needs but included below are just some of the major test equipment and specialized testing programs completed at Lifting Solutions.

Product Tests

Progressing Cavity Pumps

  • Pump durability benches 
  • Pump functional benches: used for quality control testing and are used in the development and validation phases of product development. 
  • Full-scale stator swell equipment 
  • Full-scale pump abrasive equipment  

Endless Rod

  • Rotary Fatigue Tester 
  • Weld Testing 
  • Wear Testing 

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