Lifting Solutions has the knowledge, experience, and resources to deliver high-performance products.

From the manufacturing process, and quality control, to research and development—we are committed to outperforming the market. 

Our Difference

Technology is a key element in Lifting Solutions’ mission of delivering high-performance products that outperform the market. While incorporated in all areas of our business, it is at the core of engineering research and development, manufacturing processes and product application and optimization.

Our Approach

Technology at Lifting Solutions is enabled through a combination of specialized technical resources, advanced laboratory and custom testing equipment, and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Our approach to technology is based on the following guiding principles:

APPLY into all facets of business with a focus on core progressing Cavity Pumps and Endless Rod products 

  • Enabled by Lifting Solutions’ vertical integration from design to manufacturing to operations 

IDENTIFY by collaborating internally and with clients using a Performance Based Method 

  • Problems – critical nature leads to a fast change process with limited resistance, but also limited time and possibility evaluation 
  • Opportunities – more time to create and develop options and enable slower change, but may encounter resistance

DIVERSIFY through a range of initiatives with varying risk/reward 

  • Continuous/Incremental 
  • Step-Change/Blue Ocean 

EXECUTE via a team of technical specialists and supporting test facilities 

  • Aggressive development pursuit but cautious field implementation 

VERIFY and ensure effectiveness through ongoing design and operational reviews along with product inspections/failure analysis 

  • Digital systems to collect, manage and enable data-based decisions 

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