Lifting Solutions is committed to safety.

We take all reasonable precautions to protect our employees, the public, property, and the environment from any health and safety risks arising out of, linked with, or occurring in the execution of our business activities. We believe that every Lifting Solutions employee has the right to a safe and healthy work environment. Incident prevention is a prerequisite to optimal production.


Our team of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) specialists continue to deliver programs across our organization to ensure our employees keep safety top of mind no matter where they are.

Emergency Readiness

Effective emergency readiness is important to protect our people, facilities and our environment. We use a standardized, organizational strategy to ensure effective and efficient response to incidents that are aligned with government regulations and our clients’ requirements.

Data Transparency and Readiness

HSE Statistics are readily available to our team and clients through an interactive platform.

Accountability & Employee Recognition

Everyone at Lifting Solutions is responsible for safety, not just the HSE team. To foster the sense of safety responsibility, the HSE team has a monthly employee recognition award. Peer nominated, every month an employee is awarded the Safety Leader title for their continued safe work practices and leadership skills.

Close Interaction with All Colleagues

Our HSE team is available and in close contact with all Lifting Solutions employees. The team makes frequent site visits to the bases, offices, and field to deliver important safety communications, gather feedback and concerns from employees, and to foster a connection with our team.

If you have questions regarding our Lifting Solutions Safety Program or wish to speak to someone from our HSE team, please contact: [email protected].

HSE Leadership Team

Lifting Solutions continues to achieve amazing milestones in our safety program, and it is because of our strong leadership. The team is led by Greg Weisgerber, HSE Director, and the management is divided between Canadian Operations and USA Operations. Constant communication and open-door feedback enable our team to remain nimble and continue to support Lifting Solutions opportunities.

In building a culture of high performance, we all play a role in supporting the continued, industry-leading success of health and safety in our organization. Lifting Solutions continues to lead the industry with top talent that expects a lot from each other and go hard at problems. We take great pride that everyone, at every level of the organization is motivated and does make valuable ongoing safety decisions, so they can go home safe every day. We continue to evolve, and it is really something great to be a part of.

Shane St.George, Canadian Endless Rod Operations Manager 

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