Reliable Service Performance

Endless Rod Services

Lifting Solutions has built one of the most reliable and effective service programs for continuous sucker rods. Through innovative design, our fleet of equipment can mobilize quickly and perform effectively because we know downtime means higher operating expenses.  

We get to your wellsite as fast as possible, to have your site up and running.


We service both Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP) and Reciprocating Rod Pump (RRP) wells. Whether it’s slant or vertical applications, we have the right equipment.


Our units are built with features that reduce non-productive time, minimize the number of operators required onsite, and eliminate the need for additional equipment. We offer service solutions for both conventional sucker rod and continuous sucker rod wells in vertical and slant wells.

Welding and Repair

Lifting Solutions has strategically placed welding and repair bases (pin-to-pin facilities) near all major production areas. With 10 bases in Canada, two (2) in the USA, one (1) in Oman, and various qualified service partners globally, we are equipped to service your continuous rod and ensure its optimal performance.

Let’s keep your well running.

Reach out to our client solutions team and Experience Performance.