Materials Lab

Having our materials laboratory close to the product development source is the Lifting Solutions advantage of having a vertical integration approach to manufacturing.

Our team of specialized chemical, polymer, and metals engineers with advanced specialized degrees and supported by a team of technologists and technicians, work with our client solutions team to continue to develop solutions that outperform the market.

In a collaborative effort, the team digs into challenges and develops solutions in real-time to produce the latest product developments and improvements; and then tests those solutions to ensure optimal performance before production and manufacturing begins.

Materials Testing

Every test the industry requires happens right here in the Lifting Solutions Materials Laboratory. Our specialists and engineers have been in the industry for decades and have contributed to the advancements of testing of Endless Rod and Progressing Cavity Pumps. This is where our team completes fatigue testing, bond and wear, and more; all to push our products to the max so we are sure when we recommend a solution to our clients’ toughest challenges, it is supported by data.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Lifting Solutions believes that having the right materials is only half the battle. That is why it is crucial our manufacturing works closely with our materials lab to ensure the quality of our products are unparalleled to the market.

Our team has implemented a comprehensive program for monitoring all incoming raw materials, in-process inspections, and final product verification tests. For instance, our progressing cavity pump elastomer raw material is quality tested to cover the full gamut of elastomer properties including static and dynamic mechanical properties, rheological properties, and fluid swell properties. Every important material property is tested and validated, and every important process parameter is defined and controlled.

Change is inevitable in the materials science sphere, and we capitalize on the change to develop innovative products for our clients. As for raw material deviations, that goes unnoticed by our clients as our product performance stays unaltered.

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