Truck Mounted Gripper Services

Getting to site quickly and safely to service the well is Lifting Solutions top priority. We aim to reduce downtime and save you OPEX. 

Our Truck Mounted Gripper (TMG) is a lightweight, truck-mounted service unit designed for quick deployment and ease of movement. It can run through snow in cold Albertan temperatures, and run on a hot summer day in Texas, the versatile TMG is an effective transportation unit. This unit is best deployed when road conditions are limited and stringent. 


The TMG is equipped with a continuous sucker rod gripper to pull and run any brand, size, and shape of continuous sucker rod, and perform all types of continuous sucker rod service work.  

Also, designed to work with any service provider’s service rig, flush-by unit, rod rig, or mobile crane. This flexibility in service options is available in all vertical and slant well configurations.


  • Equipped with standardized operating console and electronic display rod counter and rate system 
  • Self-supported with gas monitoring equipment, a well-control blowout preventer (BOP), and a hydraulically-activated rod safety clamp with accumulator backup and operating systems 
  • Some TMG’s are designed to transport two (2) service reels to increase efficiency when staging multiple jobs 
  • Certified, lightweight continuous sucker rod guide designed with quick connect system for rapid set-up and deployment 
  • Reliable rod gripper designed with less moving parts, reduces the potential for failure on the well and superior handling performance 
  • 5-ton knuckle picker used to deploy the continuous sucker rod gripper to the service rig, flush-by unit, or crane performing the primary well services 
  • Equipped with redundant controls located at the crane mount and operator’s panel to ensure the operator has perfect line-of-site when hoisting and setting-up equipment 


  • Engineered with critical operating controls with identifiable lockouts to prevent accidental engagement 
  • Certified wellhead-mounted rod safety brake with backup nitrogen hydraulic accumulator system and full leak-proof valve system to provide a means of activation and holding the brake in the event of a prime engine failure 
  • Engineered to be operated by one trained and certified equipment specialist 

Let’s keep your well running.

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