Endless Rod Welder

Lower your well intervention costs

The Lifting Solutions Endless Rod Welder (ERW) is designed to provide our clients with an efficient, cost-effective solution for safe on-site welding of any brand, size, and shape of continuous sucker rod, coiled sucker rod, or our Endless Rod brand of continuous sucker rod. The compact, fully enclosed design allows the unit to be easily moved from location to location on a light-duty truck, allowing you to perform rod repairs on-site, in a short amount of time.


  • Fully-enclosed welding deck 
  • Slide-out welding table 
  • Air top-deck heater, designed to be operated overnight and when transporting to prevent deck equipment from freezing 
  • Slide-out generator and compressor 
  • Slide-out dual-set gas bottle rack enclosed in heated cabinet that meets Transport Canada regulations 
  • Ample tool and equipment storage 
  • Operator rain/snow cover for the welding table that keeps the operator protected from the elements when welding 
  • Slide-out rod stands for ease of set up on-site 
  • LED lighting on deck for welding

Let’s keep your well running.

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