TorsionAL Progressing Cavity Pumps

Robust Geometry for Trouble Wells


The Lifting Solutions TorsionAL Progressing Cavity Pump is the solution for your toughest wells!

  • Frequent coiling and flushing
  • Rod and rod shear fatigue failures
  • Frequent scrapped rotors due to base metal wear
  • Rod/tubing contact wear above the pump
  • Vibration loading failures
  • Sudden torque spiking that results in seized rotors and flushes

Product Overview

Engineered with low-eccentricity and wide seal lines, this robust pump solves many issues related to high-eccentricity pump models. The TorsionAL PC pump is available in three configurations to meet your well needs:

  1. Standard (TL)
  2. Short stator (TS)
  3. TorsionAL-PivotAL (TP) pump combination (learn more about the PivotAL PCP)

Product Features

Increase Rotor Pull Success Rate at Lower and Safer Pulling Loads

The TorsionAL PCP pulls free more easily than conventional or CHOPS PCP models in wells with frequent servicing due to coiling, flushing, or stuck-rotor issues.

Reduce Rod String, Tubing, and Rotor Failures

TorsionAL PCP’s low-orbit diameter and robust geometry minimize fatigue loading and rod whip above the pump and minimizes contact wear between the rod and tubing.

Reduce Stick-Slip and Stator Bite

The TorsionAL rotor’s high stiffness minimizes torsional flex, which can alleviate stator bite and stick-slip causing torque spiking.

Improve Seal Life and Rotor Reuse

Pressure and wear are evenly distributed because of the rotor’s wide seal lines and increased surface area. This results in less severe fluid washing and yields a higher salvage rate for rotor re-chroming.

Alleviate Vibrational Loading Problems

The reduced eccentricity of the TorsionAL geometry results in reduced vibrational loading.

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