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The best way to support optimizing your well is to understand your well characteristics. Our technical application specialists and engineers are here to do just that.

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We invite you to fill out our Lifting Solutions design sheets. The detailed information will be used by our engineers who will complete a thorough analysis and provide an informed recommendation to solve your lift needs.

Step 1. Define & Gather

Define the Problem

Application issues are not always 100% clear. Often a problem that presents one way may have an underlying or related challenge. An example of common problems are: torque issues, run time concerns, poorly drilled wellbores, pumping aggressive fluids, pumping viscous sand-laden fluids, etc.

Gather Information

Providing as much information to our engineers as possible will enable better applications engineering support and depth of recommendation.

Step 2. Solve the Lift Challenge

Once we receive the details of your design request, our application specialists will work with you to thoroughly define the problem.

Get Started

Please ensure the design sheet is fully and accurately filled out. Included are a few tips (section by section) for filling out the PCP design sheet:

Contact Information

We need to know who you are so we can help!


Fluid Production Details

This section is critical to modeling the completion. In this section, Lifting Solutions collects information about the rod, tubing, casing, pump landed depth, fluid levels, and location of the perforations.

Also include a drilled wellbore survey. This allows Lifting Solutions to look deeper into the wellbore curvature and evaluate for high dog-leg severity, rod and tubing wear, fatigue locations, and rod and tubing loading life expectancy.

Downhole Completion Details

Outline the production rates and give an overview of the fluid being pumped. This information is critical to determine the recommended pump volumes, lift requirements, elastomer selection, and pump sizing requirements (due to temperature and/or aromatic swell).

Also include an oil and gas compositional analysis. This provides Lifting Solutions with valuable insight into the fluid being pumped. If an oil and gas compositional analysis is not available, internal fluid compatibility testing with Lifting Solutions elastomers and your well fluids can be done (note: this can take up to 2 weeks).

Surface Completion Details

Our engineers use this detail to evaluate the PCP installation as a system. With this section, Lifting Solutions can understand the power requirements and match the drive system and belt/sheave ratios to the horsepower requirements of the pump and the ratings of the rod string.

Additional Information

Add any other relevant information to the troubleshooting and analysis of your application.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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