About Us

Experience Performance.

Artificial lift products and services that consistently outperform the market and reduce OPEX.

Lifting Solutions is a high-performing team that engineers, manufactures, distributes, sells, and services artificial lift products that outperform the market. Since our inception in 2014, we have expanded from 14 colleagues to over 300 across 28 locations in three countries and distributors in seven additional countries. We are proud to operate two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, one in Canada and one in Oman, where we leverage the latest technology to deliver high-performance products to clients worldwide.

We design and manufacture artificial lift technology to deliver products and services that outperform the market!

Who We Are

As a vertically integrated organization, Lifting Solutions engineers, manufactures, distributes, sells, and services our artificial lift products.

We stand out in the market through:

Experience performance with Lifting Solutions.

1. Client experience

We listen first, find ways to add value, get results and deliver more than is expected.

The Result:

Our client was having issues with their previous PC Pump and came to our client solutions team for an option to increase run time and decrease workover frequency. Working with our technical application specialists and engineering team, the PivotAL PC Pump was our solution. Once deployed, the PivotAL delivered 6m3/day of total fluid with 87% oil, 6% water and 7% sand. Read more on this real-life case history.

2. Innovation

Some challenges are best met with either game-changing technologies or more subtle adjustments to product, service, and digital applications; that become part of the high-performance products and services Lifting Solutions delivers.

The Result:

Our client was experiencing heavy downhole corrosion caused by reservoir fluids resulting in reduced run time, increased workovers and, ultimately, more cost to operate. Lifting Solutions was asked to find a solution and we had it – our Coated Endless Rod EthyFlex. EthyFlex is an innovative HDPE coating placed over our bare Endless Rod product to prevent corrosive fluids from initiating corrosion pitting and it was the solution. Read more about this case study and other project profiles.

3. Performance

Our team, products, and services consistently outperform the market to get better results for our clients.

The Result:

A client in Northern Alberta was running a competitor Progressing Cavity Pumps that have a higher cavity pressure rating. The pumps were failing after nine (9) months typically with the elastomer in the tagbar which was most likely caused by over-pressuring the pump. Our client switched to Lifting Solutions Progressing Cavity Pumps with engineered cavity pressure ratings and demonstrated durability test validation. The result this client is running Lifting Solutions Progressing Cavity Pumps with an average run time of 2 years. That’s performance.

Experience Performance.

Lifting Solutions knows our clients seek vendors who help them solve challenges and create value for their business. They want products, services and experiences that improve their performance. They want to do business with an established, reputable, reliable, and client-centric company that has the credibility, capabilities and demonstrated high-performance to get the outcomes they need.

Our commitment to our clients, culture and effectiveness is what makes us stand out and continue to outperform the market.

Our Mission

Our high-performance people, products, and services optimize production systems.

Our Vision

Know and serve our clients, and their production systems, better than anyone.

Our Values

  • Be curious
  • Go hard at problems
  • Expect a lot from each other
  • Earn the trust

Be a part of the Experience.

Whether you are a field operator, a petroleum engineer, or an accountant, our team is made up of a diverse group of high-performance individuals who are focused on building Lifting Solutions to be a global artificial lift provider. Check out our latest opportunities or connect with us and Experience Performance.