lifting solutions provides donations to the athabasca fire department

Lifting solutions provides donations to help fund the purchase of essential life-saving equipment for the athabasca fire department

In the spring of 2022, the Lifting Solutions Athabasca Base Manager was sent an important request from the Athabasca Fire Department.  

After 20 years, the Fire Department is replacing its rescue equipment used to extricate patients from motor vehicle collisions. With age and advancements in new vehicle technology, it is time for the latest in advanced life-saving equipment. An incredibly costly, yet vital need.  

The Fire Department reached out to the Lifting Solutions Athabasca location since many of the staff are also volunteer firefighters at the Athabasca Fire Department, to see if there was any help we could offer. 

Our base manager, Jason Sturrock, quickly responded that Lifting Solutions will donate funds to help purchase the needed life-saving equipment.  

“I am a volunteer firefighter. My family is here and so are my friends. I volunteer to protect this community and so do my other colleagues because we know how important it is to serve our community. It is even better when we can turn to our employer for help.” 

Lifting Solutions is proud to support this opportunity to provide donations to help the Athabasca Fire Department upgrade their critical equipment, so they feel confident in their life-saving tools, in case of an emergency that requires the latest in “Jaws of Life”. 

Lifting Solutions and the Athabasca Fire Department invite local media to join us at the Athabasca Fire Hall for a photo opportunity on December 1, 2022, with our volunteer firefighters for the Town of Athabasca.  

Lifting Solutions donation to the Athabasca Fire Department.