Improving the Oil & Gas Sector—One Lift At A Time.

Canadian based company crosses the border into the US – and things are looking bright!

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Midland, Texas (June 1, 2021)

It is not a secret that the pandemic has created waves for every industry, but some companies have seen success despite a wavering social and economic landscape. Lifting Solutions is one such company. Head quartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the artificial lift manufacturing and service company has been dealing with COVID-19 pandemic across the world. Plus, their clients are oil producers who are already feeling the impact of the changing USA administration’s actions to regulate oil and gas operators and reduce fossil fuel emissions.

So how does an oil service company persevere through these times? With technology and engineered products that are designed and developed to support global emissions regulations for both Lifting Solutions and their clients.

Lifting Solutions is excited for the expansion and is eager to work with the US oil market. David Labonte, CEO of Lifting Solutions explains, “we saw an opportunity in the US to provide better quality and more effective products and services to the oil and gas producers to support their focus on lifting cost and carbon reduction.”

Ron Melnyk, President, US & International for Lifting Solutions is leading Lifting Solutions US operations. He has been in the energy sector for 35 years and worked on wells in multiple countries including right in the heart of Texas, USA. He explains, “Our research, engineering and applications team considers the entire well operation as they evaluate ways to increase run-times of a well, which ultimately means fewer well interventions – reducing OPEX and even supporting the decrease of fossil fuel emissions”.

Lifting Solutions continues to use applied research, stringent testing, and quality control to build products that outperform their competitors; and it is working. They have expanded operations and are working with clients around the globe including South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the Far East and Australia.

Melnyk continues, “we, as an entire industry, need to work together to build systems that meet the growing demand for energy in a more cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.”

The political, economic, and social landscape in North America presents a challenge to oil producers. “There is a demand by government, oil producers and the consumers to improve this industry. Lifting Solutions is a part of that solution,” shares Labonte.

Lifting Solutions has entered the US market and established a base in Midland Texas servicing the Permian Basin, and a base in Williston North Dakota servicing the Bakken. They are introducing a new generation of artificial lift rod-systems and services to the US oil field and they are confident their clients will experience the performance they need to keep production efficient, support Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, and reduce OPEX.

About Lifting Solutions

Lifting Solutions is a privately held product engineering and manufacturing organization for high-quality artificial lift products and services in the energy sector. Founded in 2014, Lifting Solutions employs over 250 people, located in 12 base facilities across North America. With a relentless focus on innovation, Lifting Solutions provides artificial lift products and services that consistently outperform the market and reduce OPEX.

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