Lifting Solutions’ KeBond Proves Its Reliability in the Face of Challenge

The reliability and resilience of KeBond, the latest generation of Lifting Solutions’ coated Endless Rod, were recently demonstrated during the surfacing and inspection of a KeBond string by a Canadian client. A Lifting Solutions field services team went to site to conduct an assessment and determine whether the issue lay with KeBond or if external factors were at play. Contrary to initial concerns, the installed KeBond appeared to be in excellent condition, showing only minor wear spots. The culprit was identified as a broken GR 75 sucker rod located between the rotor and KeBond resulting in the well going down and workover being required.

KeBond Proves Its Reliability. KeBond Proves Its Reliability. Image features KeBond in situ showcasing minor wear spots.
KeBond Proves Its Reliability. Image featuring KeBond in situ, showcasing minor wear spots.
KeBond in situ, showcasing the broken GR 75 sucker rod.

The Lifting Solutions team on-site utilized the KeBond string to fish out the broken sucker rod. Following a successful replacement process, the KeBond was rerun and repositioned 15 feet lower, showcasing its adaptability and ease of use in the field. This repair workover illustrates how KeBond stands out as the superior coated rod product to protect against corrosion and wear, delivering high performance in corrosive Progressing cavity Pump and Reciprocating Rod Pump applications.

Furthermore, the successful resolution of the situation highlights the OPEX cost savings associated with barrier coatings. By effectively addressing corrosion and wear, reducing the need for unnecessary interventions related to the continuous rod string, KeBond proves to be an asset in reducing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency. Lifting Solutions remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of its clients. KeBond’s performance in this application serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction.