lifting solutions And torque alliance host successful pcp workshop with industry expert lonnie dunn in brisbane, australia

Brisbane, Australia, July 26, 2023 – Lifting Solutions, a leading provider of artificial lift solutions, joined forces with Torque Alliance to organize an exclusive two-day workshop focused on Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) technology and design, with a specific emphasis on Coal Seam Gas (CSG) applications. The workshop, held on July 26 and 27, 2023, at a prominent venue in Brisbane, garnered a full house of eager attendees who sought to gain insights from industry expert Lonnie Dunn, P.Eng., Lifting Solutions’ Vice President of Technology.

Lonnie Dunn, boasting over 30 years of experience in the artificial lift and PC Pump industry, has been instrumental in driving advancements in PC Pump research and development. His accomplishments include authoring over 15 technical papers and presentations related to PC Pumps, holding multiple artificial lift product patents, co-authoring the PC Pumping Systems chapter in the SPE Petroleum Handbook, actively participating in ISO 15136 PCP standard development committees, and leading the development of several PCP manufacturing facilities and product lines. Under his guidance, Lifting Solutions’ PC Pumps have consistently outperformed the market.

The workshop objectives were well-defined, with a focus on providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of PC pumping systems and their key components, as well as the advantages, limitations, and operating envelopes associated with these systems. Lonnie Dunn and guest experts delved into pump geometric and materials development/design, offering insights into various product options available.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the introduction of the ISO 15136-1 Pump Standard and its potential use and benefits from a User/Purchaser perspective. This standard is crucial in ensuring consistent quality and performance across PC Pumps, thereby enhancing efficiency and reliability in CSG applications.

The comprehensive agenda covered various topics, including the pump and system components, selection, and application design process. Attendees gained valuable insights into pump sizing and testing, installation best practices, and methods for optimizing PC Pump systems. Troubleshooting techniques and pump inspection/failure analysis were also discussed, providing participants with valuable tools to enhance the performance of their PCP systems.

Given the relevance and importance of the workshop’s content, the event saw an overwhelming response, with all available seats taken. The workshop’s success has prompted Lifting Solutions to offer future workshops to accommodate the growing interest in PC Pump technology and its applications.

For those who missed this exclusive event, Lifting Solutions has created a registration form where interested individuals can sign up for future workshops. This opportunity will allow them to join industry experts, including Lonnie Dunn, in their quest to deepen their understanding of PC Pump technology and its vast potential.

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