Securing Tomorrow’s Workplaces:

Ronda adams’ Journey in Health and safety

In the dynamic realm of health and safety in Canada, professionals like Ronda Adams, the HSE Manager of Canadian Operations at Lifting Solutions, play a pivotal role in ensuring workplace security for all. With an extensive career spanning thirteen years, Ronda has confronted challenges and breakthroughs, witnessing remarkable transformations within the industry. As a woman who once navigated a predominantly male-dominated field, she not only shattered barriers but also championed a collaborative and supportive approach to safety. 

Ronda’s journey into the health and safety field began while she worked as a loader/forklift operator and was invited to join the health and safety team. Embracing the opportunity, she set herself on a path that would eventually make her a leading force in workplace safety. In the initial stages, Ronda encountered gender disparity prevalent in the industry. However, she prioritized building relationships and earning the trust of field workers and operational teams. Actively listening to their experiences and concerns, she gained invaluable insights, providing essential support and mentorship to foster safer practices. 

Reflecting on her early days, Ronda admits that it was a challenging experience. Nevertheless, her willingness to understand workers’ perspectives and involve them in the safety process cultivated a culture of mutual respect and cooperation. Gradually, the tides turned, and the industry witnessed a shift towards inclusivity and collaboration in matters of safety. 

In the corporate world, safety has now taken center stage, emphasizing the importance of secure practices. Ronda highlights the interdependence of safety and efficiency – a safe work environment leads to fewer incidents, increased productivity, and ultimately greater financial gains. To achieve this, Ronda and her team actively seek individuals who embody Lifting Solutions’ core values: curiosity, determination in problem-solving, high expectations, and earning the trust of team members. 

Ronda Adams, HSE Manager of Canadian Operations at Lifting Solutions.

As a leader, Ronda firmly believes in the significance of being a listener. She seeks potential team members who can connect with field and operations workers, understand their needs, and provide the necessary support to promote safety. This approach aligns with her belief that safety is a collaborative endeavor that demands proactive problem-solving and hazard identification. For aspiring professionals in the health and safety field, Ronda emphasizes the importance of recognizing hazards and adopting a proactive approach. Identifying potential risks and implementing preventive measures are crucial steps in ensuring workplace safety. 

In her ongoing pursuit to create a positive impact, Ronda underscores the significance of maintaining a positive attitude. She firmly believes that safety professionals must focus on positive outcomes and solutions, refraining from dwelling on negatives. The remarkable career of Ronda Adams in health and safety serves as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of collaboration, empathy, and proactive efforts. As the industry continues to evolve, professionals like her stand as beacons of inspiration, encouraging others to join the mission of fostering safer workplaces and nurturing a culture where employees can return home healthy and secure after each day’s work.