Torque Alliance Partners With Lifting Solutions

Delivering exceptional quality progressing cavity pumps to the Australian energy sector.

Torque Alliance is dedicated to bringing innovative technology and enhanced performance products to the Australian market. Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Lifting Solutions, an internationally recognized and vertically integrated organization who manufactures, distributes, sells, and services artificial lift products worldwide. Lifting Solutions has over 40 progressing cavity pump (PC Pump) models and 3 elastomers for a full application range. Additionally Lifting Solutions has an integrated R&D facility supporting continuous improvement and ultimately focused on reducing client operating expenditures. “Lifting Solutions fully designs, and internally manufacturers both the stator and rotor with a secure supply chain. This reduces our client’s exposure to the risks associated with today’s logistics and supply chain issues” explains Todd Hult, President of Torque Alliance.

This partnership will allow Torque Alliance to offer our clients a superior PC Pump technology along with our other artificial lift products.

Todd further adds that “When we are looking for partnerships, we not only look at the end product but choose a company whose organizational goals are aligned with our own. We are proud to deliver innovative technology and products that reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. We see Lifting Solutions as the ideal partner.”

Lifting Solutions 75,000 sqft facility in Canada is equipped with the most advanced PC Pump manufacturing equipment and quality lab where all products are thoroughly inspected and tested under ISO 9001:2015 certification. Lifting Solutions has one of the most experienced PCP systems teams globally. The Lifting Solutions and Torque Alliance team have deep applications and practical experience in Australian CSG applications, from engineering and elastomer development, R&D, manufacturing, applications, and field distribution. The Lifting Solutions PC Pump product line is led by specialized engineers and application specialists who have been in the artificial lift and energy sector for decades. Lonnie Dunn, Vice President Technology at Lifting Solutions, leads their research and development and engineering team. He is one of the world’s foremost leaders in design, evaluation, manufacturing, and application of progressing cavity pump technology. Lonnie has been on several technical, industry leading committees including the ISO Committee that prepared the 15136-1 PC Pump Systems for Artificial Lift Standards; he also has several patents and numerous publications in this area. Combined, the Lifting Solutions PC Pump manufacturing team has over sixty (60) years’ direct PC Pump manufacturing experience and have authored more than twenty (20) papers and presentations on progressing cavity pumping systems.

Torque Alliance is confident in the capabilities and the credibility of Lifting Solutions. “We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to experience the performance of Lifting Solutions PC Pumps and we are confident we are offering the best to our clients.”


Richard Hogman, Director, Commercial & Application Support
Lifting Solutions
[email protected]

Todd Hult, President
Torque Alliance
[email protected]