Thermal Application of Endless Rod,
Grade D

Project Profiles

Project Information

Location:Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
Application:Thermal (Cyclic Steam), vertical, and deviated wells
Well Count:5,000
Duration:40+ years in field
Product(s):3/4″ to 1-1/8” round rod
Services:• 4 Endless Rod Units
• 2 Reel Mover Units
• 1 Rod Transfer and Repair Unit
• 1 Endless Rod Welder Unit
• 6 Pressure Truck Units
•1 Flushby Unit

Client Challenge

Not only is the Cold Lake operation one of the longest running oil sands operations in Northeastern Alberta, approximately 45 years, the Cold Lake operation is one of the largest thermal in situ operations in the world. During its life, the operation has faced many production challenges. Mitigating these challenges have been at the forefront of the company’s goals, namely through innovation.

Several challenges have been addressed over the years and in the most recent years our client shifted to resolve these challenges through innovation. Enter Lifting Solutions. Our suite of Endless Rod product and services are utilized everyday to support the production and operational goals of the client. Through effective application of the product, safe operating practices, and collaboration with the client, Lifting Solutions helps to continue the lifespan of the Cold Lake operations.

Production challenges come in a variety of forms that can lead to an increase in downtime which put focus on innovative operational efficiency. Challenges included: pump failures, wellhead blowout preventer integrity, worn polished rods, sheared and parted rod strings, hole in tubing, blown bursts/drains, stuffing box leaks, inability to flush tubing strings (due to parted rods or seized pumps), hang up issues with rod string weight (causing pump jack “hammering” by polished rods not dropping at the same stroke rate as the pump jack).

Client Goal for Lifting Solutions Products and Services

Maximize productivity by minimizing production downtime to effectively manage issues and challenges that arise, while maintaining a “Nobody Gets Hurt” safety culture.

Lifting Solutions Product and Service Solution

  • Fish and repair parted rod strings
  • Fish sheared wells
  • Complete pump changes with new bottom hole pump (BHP)
  • Pressure test new BHP’s and tubing
  • Work with 3rd party companies to complete BOP changes to wellhead. Also, complete tubing turns/ rotations.
  • Assemble polished rod and stuffing boxes with reel mover unit and install on wellhead
  • Perform polished rod changes
  • Blow bursts subs / tubing drains with pressure truck to pull Endless Rod out of well
  • Build and install a variety of Endless Rod sizes to customize the rod string completion to maximize pump efficiency and system operation

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