Teine Energy and Lifting Solutions:

A Solution for success

At Lifting Solutions, we are proud to deliver solutions for industry leaders like Teine Energy. Our collaboration with our clients is built on a shared commitment to innovation, efficiency, and the pursuit of excellence. One of the most recent outcomes is the deployment of our latest product: KeBond.

Introducing kebond

KeBond is our most recent coated continuous sucker rod, featuring a polymeric coating engineered to shield the underlying bare rod from corrosion and wear. This innovative technology is designed to withstand hotter and deeper wells, delivering high performance in corrosive PCP and RRP applications.

Teine Energy’s experience with kebond

Teine Energy, a valued client of Lifting Solutions, has been at the forefront of deploying KeBond in their operations. Here’s what they have to say about their experience:

“By mid-April [2024], Teine Energy has deployed 35 KeBond strings with 0 failures to date, feedback on the Lifting Solutions KeBond Endless Rod technology from our engineering and field teams has been very positive to date.

We deployed the KeBond Endless Rod in our wells with run time challenges to mitigate rod failures and reduce high intervention costs. In two specific long-term problem wells, KeBond technology increased run times from 48 days MTBF on bare continuous rod to 194 days, 265 days, and counting, without failure using KeBond.

After performing several service interventions related to pump failures in the same wells where we have deployed KeBond, our Senior Production Engineers reported that the wells with Lifting Solutions KeBond were inspected, and were found to be in an as new condition. As we see continued improvement in production performance specific to increase in run time, reduced service interventions, and reduction in total cost of ownership, we will continue to invest in the KeBond technology.

In our Chauvin field, KeBond installations have been implemented in wells seeing high occurrences of rod failures due to both deviation and corrosion issues. As of April 2024, we are very pleased to report zero KeBond failures to date in our Chauvin field and will continue to evaluate further well candidates with high-frequency failures.”

Looking Ahead

The feedback from Teine Energy underscores the value and potential of KeBond. We are excited about the positive impact this technology is having on our clients’ operations and look forward to continuing our work developing artificial lift products that outperform.

Learn more about kebond

Are you interested in learning more about how KeBond can benefit your operations? Visit our Coated Endless Rod page to explore the features and benefits of KeBond and discover how Lifting Solutions can help you optimize your production performance. We look forward to working with you on your journey to operational excellence.