EnerSaver® FL6 Drive System

Designed for Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP), Advanced Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP) with support for Permanent Magnet Motors, Jet Pumps, and General Purpose Facility Horizontal Pumping Systems, the EnerSaver Drive System provides enhanced motor speed control to optimize well performance. The hardware system is designed for flexible, user-friendly displays with application-specific programming that fits your requirements.

Reduce power usage & enhance motor speed control

Our clients are under constant pressure to improve efficiency and consume less energy; all while keeping operating costs low. Recognizing this challenge, Lifting Solutions has designed and developed the EnerSaver Drive System, optimizing oil production, and providing immediate OPEX and CAPEX reductions.

The drive system is customizable to suit your well needs with a choice of features such as: 

  • Dynamic braking solutions 
  • Semiconductor fusing 
  • Remote communication options 
  • Variety of chokes 

The EnerSaver can operate as a standalone drive or as an integrated solution with POC, PLC, and RTU systems. 

  • Application-specific customization and software for artificial lift systems  
  • Available in two mounting configurations: free-standing or wall mounted 
  • Extensive I/O configuration 
  • Optional harmonic filters available at the time of order 
  • Fully outdoor-rated package and cold-weather operation 
  • EnerSaver Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) and Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) units come with custom HMI that improves user interface experience and can be customized to meet client needs. 
  • CSA and UL Certified packages

Pumping Unit System Package

For pumping unit applications, Lifting Solutions has designed a heavy-duty variable speed drive (VFD) for enhanced motor speed control. This package is outfitted with an extensive feature set that includes: 

  • Keypad display that shows SPM, PRESCO fault, and belt-loss/breakage 
  • Dynamic braking resistor packages available with 100% – 155% braking ratings to maintain proper rod string tension 
  • Proprietary, pumping-unit-specific voltage control algorithm to minimize nuisance trips and extend run time 
  • 10% motor over-speed standard that is part of our custom pumping unit software feature set 
  • 3% input line reactor 
  • Available in two mounting configurations: free standing with legs or box tube steel mounting stand 
  • Additional I/O available for field configuration 
  • Optional input harmonic filters for utility compliance available at time of order 
  • Weatherproof door covering keypad and controls 
  • POC integration available from our factory or POC prep to be connected in the field 
  • 1-year warranty on all VFD packages 
  • Get in touch with us to learn more about our automation and optimization solutions. 

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