EnerSaver® FL1741 Generative Drive Reduces Energy Demand

Project Information

Location:Valleyview, Alberta, Canada   
Initial Install Date:First Well: October 2010
Second Well: September 2011
First well in the long-term trial
Second well in the long-term trial

Client challenge

Our client was experiencing high demand charges at two of their wellsites in Valleyview, AB

client goals

Our client wanted to see quantitative energy savings on each wellsite, as well as verified credits on their utility power bill.

the ls solution

Lifting Solutions implemented an EnerSaver FL1741 generative drive field trial in which the only change to each wellsite was the addition of an EnerSaver drive.

After the initial implementation, an interconnection application was submitted to the utility for the EnerSaver drive, which is recognized as a micro-generator with renewable status by Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). The utility then installed two-way metering, at their own expense, to capture the energy/credit information; all interconnection and metering costs were covered by the utility. The final step in the trial was to have monetary credits for generation applied to our client’s utility bill.

key performance indicator

  • Our client received $5,378.88 in credits for the two wellsites for the first month. Subsequently, since the first month, the client has received approximately $300.00 in credits per wellsite each month.  
  • The client is qualified for carbon offset credits.
  • The EnerSaver drive has a low harmonic footprint and meets IEEE-519 (2014) harmonic standards, which prevents our client from incurring extra costs for harmonic filters and filtering.

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